Fork in the Road- Is Medically Necessary?

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Average length of pregnancy?

Some state the estimated due date is calculated by adding 280 days, or 40 weeks, from your last period. Others say, at the moment, it is around 268 days, or 39 weeks, due to the fact of early inductions and cesarean births. Whatever way you are saying it is an ESTIMATION.



How off are we at estimating a due date?

The length of pregnancy can vary by as much as 5 weeks!!! “The length of human gestation varies considerably among healthy pregnancies, even when ovulation is accurately measured.” (ScienceDaily)


Keep that in the back of your head. Now, YOU are pregnant, and your doctor wants to induce. Do we know WHY?

Medical conditions such as preeclampsia or preexisting health condition (this includes STDs) for mom and/or baby may warrant an early induction and/or cesarean birth.


Is it really medically necessary?

Scenarios such as a big baby, past your due date, holidays, tired of being pregnant, or doctor does not feel comfortable going past due date are not medically necessary.

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FORK IN THE ROAD- You need to decide where you stand.

This is where you decide who’s in charge of YOU.

Think back when you were first learning about birth. Put yourself back in your childbirth education class. What were your thoughts then about induction? I know you each had a gut reaction. Neither one is wrong or right. You just need to check in with you.

If you want that natural, hospital birth of your dreams, then you will need to have a very real conversation with your doctor, especially if there are no signs of labor and a low BISHOP score. I suggest you rehearse how this could go a few times with your partner or doula before going to see your doctor. I’m telling you this because I do not want you to have false expectations due to assumptions.

If you’re in the middle and/or undecided, then you may want to read a bit about the benefits of soaking up all the weeks of pregnancy for you and your baby. I know you are so excited to meet the newest member of your family, but maybe, sleep it on it one or two more nights.

Now if you relinquish responsibility of your body over to your doctor, then you must understand the very real possibilities going down that route. Medical induction triples the risk of cesarean in first time moms! This route is neither good or bad either. It’s just another route with very real things on the other end as well.

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There is no right or wrong answer. I truly want you to understand that medical induction with a very low BISHOP score does not really line up with a vaginal, drug-free birth. It is very likely that once a medical induction has occurred that other medications and shiny medical tools will be close by.

I wish I could say that each case is unique and special in your doctor’s eyes. Unfortunately, we all have beautiful stories but we are all just another number in the big system. I look at numbers. Statistics and trends speak to me. And sometimes the numbers don’t line up for us. Take a moment for you and your family. In fact, take ten moments. Then, you decide which path  is best for you and your family. You have to put yourself and your baby as number one!

To me we are all one big family. And when the system bullies my people then it really pisses me off. I think the solution is simple (maybe even for every problem): don’t be a dick, especially when in a leadership role.Out of my anger I will send them love;)


Cheers to putting yourself and your baby first!






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