Are You in the Fitness Phase?

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Y’all. I had a realization tonight in the gym about the phase of my fitness life that I’m in. Seriously. Mid-workout tonight, it hit me – I’m in a much more relaxed about my fitness phase. I workout when I feel like it (2-3 times per week), run when I feel like it, and yoga when I feel like it. There’s no strict regimen or beating myself up about this lift or that weight on the bar or this run time. There’s just not. And, tonight, when it hit me, I was so okay with it! “How refreshing!” I thought.

Wait, what? Yeah. I’m perfectly alright with being totally relaxed about my workouts and overall fitness right now. The more I say it, the more awesome and empowering it feels! I’ve gone through phases of being super regimented and tracking every workout, whether it’s crossfit or running, and being super serious about getting stronger or PRing my back squat or whatever. And I realized tonight that I’m in a new phase. Holy awesome! I feel like the phase I’m in is more about setting a good example for my wild girl child and moving to feel good. I can still throw down some pretty alright (sort of) big kid weights – but that’s not as important to me as setting a good example for Skylar Grace. I need to show her that listening to her body is every bit as important as sleeping, working out, and eating good foods. I’m alright with being a little squishier overall right now. Let’s face it, I’ve never been super ripped and I may not ever be… And I’m 100% fine with that! This little bit of extra squish is meant for little bodies to come for comfort and love and cuddles – at home and in my office. It allowed me to do a friendly partner competition this fall with one of my very best friends, and a month later run a half marathon. But as for specific fitness goals? I’ve got nothing right now – and it’s so fun to seriously enjoy whatever workout I pick to do!

Whatever phase you’re right now, I want you to tune into it. Listen to what your body is telling you – and try to embrace it! For some of us, we’re in this more relaxed phase. Others are in a building phase, and working towards some fitness goal. Good on you! Some of us are in a “just get moving” phase. Yay! Wherever you are, enjoy it! Be mindful of that phase, tune into your body and MOVE how your body is telling you to move!



Dr. Jamie



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