Let’s Play, What Would YOU Do?

Women’s choices are often times limited by what is available within their city. This is especially true in rural America where there may only be one general practitioner or one midwife.
Some women will pack and move to a different city, state, country in order to birth the way they desire. Others will make do with their current situation even though it does not match their value system. If you were faced limited options that do not match your belief system, what would you do?


I know what I would do. I sure as hell would pack up and go to The Farm to have my baby. However, this thought process and decision is different for everyone. It can even vary within a couple. So, topic of conversation at tonight’s dinner table- what would you do if you the birthing options in your city did not align with your heart?


Seriously, talk about it.




mantra- my baby. my body. my birth.

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