BIRTHFIT’s Intention for 2016


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This past year I’ve personally grown so much. In a nutshell, I dove deeper into what makes me more the optimal version of myself. We all have experiences and stories that will melt an audience, but I truly believe each one of has a gift/calling/magic that makes us unique plus makes this world a better place.

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Most of you that know me know that BIRTHFIT has been close to me since abut 2010-2011. However, I don’t feel I that accepted BIRTHFIT as my calling or passion partner in this life until about 2013. I came to this realization through lots of reading, energy healing, retreats, solitude, sweat lodges, and love and support from those close to me. I had to look BIRTHFIT straight in the eye and accept all the responsibility that comes with the movement. I knew that if it was going to be BIRTHFIT & Me in this life that I was going to have do it FULL THROTTLE and give it all of me. So, BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! I know that BIRTHFIT is my calling. I also know it’s a lot of work, and I probably only have 35-50 years left here on earth. That’s a finite amount of time, so I’m hustling each and every day.


From the beginning I knew that in order for the BIRTHFIT wave to grow it has to pick up energy. Just as a wave in the ocean, this energy can start from a small far away place and roll into something magnificent. Slowly but surely, I’ve been building the BIRTHFIT Team. And I must say, the BIRTHFIT Team is shaping up to be the Chicago Bulls of 1996.

I do not have children; maybe one day but not at this moment. BIRTHFIT HQ is made up of passionate, educated, beautiful women that also do not have children. However, we all have one thing in common and that is that we know we want something different for when that time comes for each of us.

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Our BIRTHFIT Regional Directors are made up of some of the f**king greatest moms I have ever met. These women are some of my greatest role models and they are scattered throughout the United States. I will never forget meeting Dr. Lindsay Mumma via Facebook and realizing that we are 99% related somewhere down the line. The time pregnant Dr. Erica said “Screw it” and came to Venice to make sure I was for real;). The elegance, strength, and grace that Officer Melissa Hemphill gives to this world. I met Dr. Jamie’s husband at a random competition in 2013 and realized that he’s awesome so she has to be too (plus she’s a Texan). These women are OG affiliates with over eight kids amongst them. Each one has had a different pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience that at least one of you can relate to. These women are BIRTHFIT Rockstars.


We are in the process of adding our third class of BIRTHFIT Regional Directors. These women (and men) that make up the BIRTHFIT RD Program are the ones that have eyes into our society, into our homes, and into our hearts. I can tell you all the stuff I know and experience in my chiropractic-doula-coaching practices but the reality is that there are so many shades and variations within the motherhood transition.

My intention for 2016 is for BIRTHFIT (you the community) to feel more of the front lines experiences. Whether that is through the blogs or ebooks, in action videos, or our BIRTHFIT Podcast. Whatever your choices are throughout your motherhood transition are for you and your family.  We just want you to have the REALEST of information in order to make rockstar, conscious choices.


We are here to empower you, nourish you, and love you. You just got to do YOU!




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