My One Fabulous Tip for 2016

A Bit More Fabulous in 2016 

At this time last year, I made a conscious effort that I had to incorporate more Me Time throughout the year. My MeTime is absolutely FABULOUS, so when planning my Me Time I really incorporate only those things or experiences that contribute to making me fabulous. My Fabulous Me Time is completely for me. It is my time of the week, month, or year in which I devote to building my soul power and making me FABULOUS- inside out, upside down, and all around.

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My Friday afternoons are my Fabulous Me Time. This is the time that I make an extra long appointment with myself. And that is the most important appointment I will make all week. Fridays at 3pm I am checking in with myself. This freaking appointment allows me to be the best me that I can put forth in this world. I do not miss these meetings.

During Fabulous Me Time on Fridays, I plan for the next week personally and professionally. I schedule 3 workout slots and my Fabulous Me Time, and then I build my weekly calendar from there. I check in with my team to make sure we are on course for projects, deadlines, and estimate due dates. Then, its either acupuncture, massage, or a warm, sexy bath to bring my energy down, meditate on this moment, and to bring my week to a close. There are no phones at acupuncture. It’s just an hour laying, breathing, meditating that enhances my health. The massage is my way to really take care of my physical body. My body is my vehicle and I must love it. At my bath time there is only music, bubbles, and yummy smells. No matter what it is that I do on Friday afternoons, I cut off from the outside world and just do me.

It takes practice to be authentically you. This world is full of imitations. Schedule time to nourish your soul. I know you need me to be ME. I need you to be YOU.

My Fabulous Me Time is my favorite habit I created during 2015. Start a new habit that makes you a bit more fabulous in 2016.





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