The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

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This is a one month birth education series that meets once a week for four weeks. We cover birth education and preparation as well as functional movement and mobility. You will discover your own birth desires, make a postpartum super mom plan, and move naturally. You and your partner will role play various labor and delivery scenarios, learn movement and comfort techniques that work for you as a pair, and integrate your favorite relaxation tools into your pregnancy training. This class is simple, efficient, and to the point. This class is definitely for the modern woman (and partner) that does not have time to mess around.

Early registration is $299 (before January 1, 2016). 

Late registration is $350 (after January 1, 2016). 


What You Will Get…
The BIRTHFIT Definition
Your Fears, Your Loves, & Your Desires
Breath Work
Basic Anatomy & Physiology
History of Birth & What The Heck is Going on Today
Stages of Labor
Navigating Through Routine Medical Practices
Pain vs. Suffering
Complications and Emergencies
Juicy, Innate Movement & Mobility that You can Use Now
Discovering Your Partner’s Role
Postpartum Queen In Training


The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

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