The BIRTHFIT Affiliate Process

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To All of Those Interested in Becoming a Future BIRTHFIT Affiliate…

You are applying to represent BIRTHFIT and the four pillars we hold so dear to our everyday lifestyles. You are applying to represent your city and be a leader in your community. You are applying to be the go-to resource for women in your community. You are expected to lead from the front and to setup a solid network around you.

You can apply as one person or a partnership. Even if you are applying as a partnership, you each will need to fill out and provide everything throughout the affiliate application process.

This is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Each BIRTHFIT affiliate is it’s own small business. This can be a full-time or part-time career. It all depends on how much energy you invest. There a few guidelines in which we address in a bit.

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The BIRTHFIT Affiliate Process has three distinct steps plus a launch:

  1. Application process. 

You complete the list of requirements and fill out the information sheet.

  1. Interview process. 

If the applicant has passed the application process, then an interview will be scheduled. This is either done in person or video chat. Based on your interview, you could be invited to continue on the training process.

  1. Training process. 

If the applicant passes the first two steps, then she/he will start the training process. This is usually 3-6 months. This is where the affiliate is trained in the way The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series and The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series are carried out. Plus, the entire BIRTHFIT Philosophy. Training is done via webinars, emails, and phone calls. You do not have to travel for training.

  1. Launch. 

At the approval of BIRTHFIT HQ, BIRTHFIT [insert city] will launch with The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series. The launch of The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series will actually be done during the training portion. This is usually a discounted series in which you are introducing yourself as a resource to your community.


For those that want to apply for the next calendar year, please email your entire application package together. Please mail this sometime in November. Please email all questions to

All applications and requirements need to be in by December 1st. No exceptions.

If selected, your training will begin January. 

Thank you for joining the BIRTHFIT movement. We understand that this is a lot for someone to take on. However, we have set a standard for affiliates and we’d prefer to keep that standard across the board. We are passionate about changing the game of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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