BIRTHFIT- Driving Adaptation

The intention of BIRTHFIT was never to look aesthetically pleasing or magazine-ready. The radiant, empowered woman is just the byproduct of eating real food, chiropractic care, and training her mind and body.

The pictures and stories we share on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are of REAL women. We want you to see just how BEAUTIFUL real world women are during their pregnancy and postpartum experiences. We want you to feel what they are going through. And above all, we want you to know that you are not alone. If you feel a certain way about something, the chances are that a woman somewhere, across the nation or in the next city over, has a felt that or is feeling that.

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Utilizing BIRTHFIT as the source to connect people, motivation, emotions, stories, I encourage you to actively be a part of this community and take an active role in your pregnancy. Yes, you are going through physical, mental, and emotional changes, but so are many other women. And, they all yearn to share their experiences, those connections, and support for each other.


The goal of BIRTHFIT is not to encourage you to stay the same or as some say, maintain. BIRTHFIT was built with the intention to evolve into a better, deeper, more complex being of you.


BIRTHFIT’s intention may actually be, termed so eloquently by the guys at POWER ATHLETE, DRIVING ADAPTATION. As The one and only Logan Gelbrich states on the DEUCE Gym blog, “to drive adaptation is to move and train in a way that forces the issue of change in the body.”


When you choose to modify a daily habit or pick up a new practice, this requires thought, commitment, and discipline. And most likely, there will be some tears, frustration, and probably at the end some smiles and a bit more confidence. The pregnancy journey and the postpartum journey require you to develop new life’s practices and skills. Just as in athletics, some of these skills and life practices take time to develop. There are the ebbs and flows of life just like there are glasses half full or half empty. Your perspective influences everything.


BIRTHFIT encourages you to be better, be open to change, and embrace the practice of life. No, it is not always pretty, but the realness, the obstacles, the human experiences are what we hope to capture and share through our website and social media.


This life thing is never going to be perfect. But, if you can take a step back to breathe and observe the big picture, I can bet that you’re progressing just fine.



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