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Our BIRTHFIT Apparel Shop is now open!


We all have that dress or black leggings or favorite pair of jeans that when we put on our body we feel sexy, confident, classy, with no worries. We feel really fucking good about the space we hold in the world, and we own being a woman at that moment.

At that moment, we are CONFIDENT.

Sadly, I see this rockstar confidence diminish through some pregnancies and stick around well into the postpartum period. I see my clients almost ashamed of how they look or what they have to wear because nothing else fits. This should never be the case for a pregnant woman. These are the most beautiful creatures. They are carrying life within them.

For those of us that have excelled at sports or nailed a presentation or even rocked a first date, you know the saying- LOOK GOOD; FEEL GOOD; DO GOOD– is without a doubt a true statement. Those of us that believe in the power of the mind, hypnosis, visualizations, and meditation know that the mind and body have to be in tune in order to succeed at whatever it is you are doing.

Pregnancy is hard enough. It’s a new chapter in your life, a new physical body, and hormones are all over the place. Space, time, and money are all concerns for your family. The last thing you want to think about is picking out your outfit for the gym or the day, but you want to look good, feel good, and perform efficiently throughout your day as a mom.


In our experience, Roxanna and I have seen women transition into the most beautiful mothers both inside and out. We have seen women embrace the journey of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Becoming a mother is one of the more magical human experiences that we will experience and/or witness. We want to encourage you to enjoy and embrace the process. We want to S L O W life down to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. We want you to look back at this period of your life with a smile and confidence.

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The BIRTHFIT Apparel Shop is now open. We’ve had some of our local, real life BIRTHFIT moms-to-be try the products, and they absolutely love them all. We’ve got some great things now and coming in the future. But please, always let us know what you’d love to see in the shop. Click the photo below to take you directly to the BIRTHFIT Apparel Shop and enjoy!





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