Barbell Bar Path

Let’s talk bar path.
That is, the barbell bar path as in relation to your body.

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As pregnancy progresses, which it will do with no hesitation, your belly will grow. And it will most likely grow forward and displace your center of gravity just a bit. Our bodies are smarter than we think and innately know how to adapt and move. It may take a few steps to become acclimated with a “new” movement or skill, but we will continue to master.


We are pregnant, not incapable.


I know you can handle a barbell. In fact, you can probably handle a barbell better than me. However, just because we are capable does not necessarily mean we should or that it is a good idea.


As pregnancy progresses, our normal bar path is altered. For some, this is altered a lot. For others, it is a minimal change within the grand scheme of the movement. Arm length, varying anatomy, and unique movement patterns all influence a bar path. It is your responsibility to know your body and know what is going on with in it and in your immediate space. When your body is accommodating for your beautiful belly or changing up movement sequences, it is time to substitute dumb bells or kettle bells and make some other arrangements.

Make note, I did not say that you had to decrease the volume or intensity. I simply said make accommodations for your current situation. You are only limited by your creativity.


If you are new to the fitness/exercise world, then I would advise enrolling a coach. This can be done in a private or class setting, but let them know you’d like their attention on certain issues such as bar path.


Pregnancy is temporary. It is definitely not a time to create bad habits. It is a time to stay focused on your greater intention and play smart.



Tuesday Training



Warm Up / Activations


Spend 10-20 reps on Plank & Downward Dog. Just flowing and breathing.

10 Push-Ups

10 Shoulder Taps



Strength Focus



2 One-Arm Shoulder to Overhead

*Alternate arms each round.

*Pick a dumb bell you can do 4-6 reps in a row comfortably.


Stamina / Cardio


10 Rounds

5 Strict pull-ups or ring rows

100’ Farmers Carry (50’ down and back)

*Rest as needed.

*Weight for Farmers Carry should be heavy enough that you have to move with a sense of urgency, and still able to go 50’.



Mindset Practice

What BIRTH EDUCATION CLASS have you signed up for or taken? Get on it. 


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