Q and A Friday

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Mobility / Activations

Simple Yoga Sequence


Strength Focus


Find a Heavy Single Strict Press.

*BEST EFFORT for Today.

*Only 3 attempts at 90% or above that you are confident you will make.



Cardio / Stamina


Complete the following:

800m Run

2 Rounds:

100’ Dumb bell, Farmers Carry Lunge (50’ out and back)

10 Dumb Bell Shoulder to Overhead

800m Run


Possible Options

Rest as needed throughout the workout.

Pick a set of dumb bells that you can manage 3-5 overhead at a time. You will also lunge with this set of dumb bells.

If you are not running, you can row or you can walk 400m.


Mindset Training

Think. Visualize. Write.

BF IG- How do you want to feel?

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