On Monday, We Squat.

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BIRTHFIT Training: Waking Up the Posterior Chain


This is a great training day for a mom with a bump or in the early postpartum period. Weights are always your call. However, we will have some general recommendations for the typical, pregnant female athlete. Follow the links for the videos, and try to follow the rest recommendations throughout the training day.

Remember to read our disclaimer. Train Smart, and Recover Smarter.



Warm Up / Activations


10- 20 of each; General Warm Up

3 X 10 Good Mornings

*For extra work, intensity you can do banded or barbell Good Mornings.

3 X 10 Air Squats



Strength Focus


12 x 2 Box Squats (50-60% 1RM Back Squat)

*Rest 60s between efforts.


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Stamina / Cardio


Complete 5 Rounds for time:

20 Goblet Squats

10 Push-Ups

200m Run

*Rounds start every 4 minutes.


Possible Options

Pick a weight (or no weight) for the Goblet Squats that you can do 20 in a row without setting a personal record.

See Push-Up Video for variations and standards.

Run can always be a walk.

And, rest can always be longer. 


Mindset Training

Spend some time focusing on your breath (10 minutes).

Here is one breathing exercise to practice.

Pair that with some restorative yoga.

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