BIRTHFIT the Series: September in Venice, CA


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Birth Education + Functional Fitness = BIRTHFIT the Series


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What You Will Gain…

  • What is BIRTHFIT?
  • And, Why the Four Pillars-Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Mindset?
  • Childbirth History and Current Day Childbirth
  • Anatomy and Physiology Basics
  • An Understanding of routine medical practices in regards to childbirth
  • Pain Management and Comfort Measures
  • Nutritional Recommendations
  • Intimate Fitness Coaching
  • Discovering Birth Desires
  • Postpartum: Super Mom Plan
  • Day devoted to Partners
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BIRTHFIT the Series will start Wednesday, September 2nd at 4pm. The classes are Wednesdays 4-6pm and Saturdays 9-11am. The last class of this particular series will be Saturday, September 26th. The classes will take place at DEUCE Gym in Venice, CA. The entire series is $299. This includes birth education and preparation as well as your functional training for labor and delivery. Space is limited.  We prefer to keep the environment more intimate with an emphasis on quality learning and coaching. Reserve your spot by following this LINK to pay. For questions, please don’t hesitate to emai Looking forward to joining you on your BIRTHFIT journey!


2 comments to " BIRTHFIT the Series: September in Venice, CA "
  • Daniel

    What date does the sessions officially start.What is the Parking situation? Do I have to pay for parking if sessions Purchased.
    Thank you
    Daniel and Alyssa

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Hi. If you read in the blog, the class starts on Wednesday, September 2nd at 4pm. The second class is Saturday, September 5th at 9am. The following three weeks are setup just like that, and the last day we encourage partners to come. There is street parking all around on Commonwealth, Warren, and even Lincoln Blvd. Feel free to email us at with any other questions or if you would like to pay and reserve your spot. XO.

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