BIRTHFIT’S Top 7 Postpartum Tips

BIRTHFIT’s Top 7 Postpartum Tips


  1. SKIN-to-SKIN

Whether your baby is born vaginally or cesarean, mom and baby need to be skin-to-skin as soon as possible. This contact deepens the bond between mom and baby. The skin-to-skin contact will also facilitate breastfeeding, and regulating the autonomic nervous system.

  1. Lying-In

The first two weeks of an infant’s life are an extremely important time to put away the gadgets and get primal. The immediate family should mark in their calendars two weeks of bonding, resting, and loving each other. Who gives a shit what others want or think? This is the time to set a foundation for your new family.

  1. Nourishment through Nutrition

You body needs nourishment. Let food be thy medicine. Eat fats, carbs, and proteins. Your body just made a human being and placenta, and then your body birthed this baby. Don’t put garbage into this amazing body of yours. Look for grass-fed, pasture-raised, or wild-caught proteins. Find starchy tubers, root vegetables, or even white rice. And by all means, eat grass-fed butter and other excellent fats sources like coconut oil or avocados. Sip on some feel-good teas or bone broth. And continue to take your supplements, especially your omegas.

  1. Chiropractic

When you complete a soccer tournament or a big marathon or a tennis tournament, you, ideally, put your body through some sort of recovery plan. Chiropractic should be the first step in healing your physical body. Find a doctor of chiropractic that you know and trust to check and adjust your body (as well’s as baby) during the first two weeks postpartum.

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  1. Alignment & Breathing

The overall alignment of your body incorporated with the breathing and every day life will determine a lot of how good your body feels or how not so good it feels and heals. Breathing exercises and posture awareness can make a world of a difference.

  1. Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is not only convenient but also allows for baby to be close to mom or caregiver as they adapt to the new world around them. Your baby just spent 40 weeks inside your belly. Touching you and being in your intimate space still feels normal to baby. Baby wearing enhances the child’s interaction with their environment while feeling safe next to caregiver. Babies that are worn tend to cry less and learn and/or adapt quicker. Baby wearing is the first exercise we prescribe J Be sure you were your infant facing you in and have them in a deep squat.

  1. Support system

The friends and family you surround yourself with today, tomorrow, and in the future heavily influences the way you feel about yourself and your accomplishments. As important as it is to set up a pregnancy-training program, you need to set up a plan for the postpartum period that includes help for mom. This could mean a postpartum doula, a night nurse, prepared meals by friends, a lactation consultant, or whatever it is you and your family may need. This particular time will pass by before you know it. Have a plan and people in place to help mom out so that she can get in the groove of being a new mother.



Understand that your mind, body, and soul have been through a lot. Your core is empty. You’ve lost body heat. Your tissues are recovering. Your mind is processing. Give your mind, body, and soul time and patience. Make a plan and surround yourself with positive people.






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