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Many women and men assume that they know how BIRTHFIT training goes. Many coaches assume that if they make a few modifications here and there that all is well for the pregnant mother. Many doctors, birth educators (I’m a birth educator so no disrespect), and midwives assume that as long as the mom takes it easy and doesn’t try anything new that she is fine. There is even a whole other long list about pregnancy misconceptions that I may get into later this week or next week.


The point is people make assumptions about a product, service, and experience before actually trying the said product, service, and experience. Never judge a book by its cover, right?


Here’s the deal. I’m a no bullshit, no fluff kind of person. So, if I even sense bullshit, then game over. Years ago, I sensed a lot of bullshit in the pregnancy and postpartum world as far as nutrition and fitness are concerned, which is how I got started down my rabbit hole of research. I had to find information for myself. Turns out, there are other women, very similar to me, that want the information as well.


Emily and I train a lot of pregnant women in Venice, CA. I also offer remote programming for pregnant and postpartum women. No matter the level of their experience, these women train smart and train with purpose. They train the birthfit way.

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We completely, understand that women have their favorite exercises or movements or classes. However, pregnancy and your fourth trimester is not the time to focus on specifics or pick favorites, but rather prepare your mind and body for any physical task that may be presented to you during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the fourth trimester.


Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation to handle any amount of work for any given time frame. We want you to be as ready as YOU can be for a thirty-hour birth, a cesarean section, and even a four hour birth.


BirthFIT focuses on four physical skills- strength, flexibility, balance, and conditioning. The skills can easily translate into other aspects of life and alter one’s mindset positively. By focusing on these four skills in our training, we prepare a woman to mentally and physically take on labor and delivery to the best of her physical abilities. BirthFIT empowers a woman to unlock the power that is within her core.


  • Strength
    • Your body is changing. The center of gravity is shifting out and up while also adding storage in the form of fat to help build a baby and placenta. Having the strength to maintain ideal posture while standing or walking is the basis of strength. Maintaining and building strength to not only support your body but those that you may be carrying is the responsibility of all mothers.
    • Integrated in our programming are methods and movements from Carl Paoli and Anthony Sherbondy of FreeStyle Connection, Shane and Laura Sweat of Westside Barbell, Nate Helming of The Run Experience, Gray Cook of Functional Movement Screen, Rob Orlando and Logan Gelbrich of the strongman methodology and DEUCE strength and conditioning, and some ideas from the guys at Brute Strength. There are definitely other theories and methods implanted at various times throughout the 24-week training program; however, these are some that stick out.
  • Flexibility
    • Being able to move and get into certain foundational movements like the squat or a lunge is key to keeping the pelvis functioning dynamically and progressing labor when the time comes.
    • Being able to move a joint through it’s full range of motion is just as important as being able to flow through a level one yoga series.
    • Joints are for movement. So, we had better start oiling the parts if we want them to last and be available for use during labor and delivery.
  • Conditioning
    • It is important for us to focus on anaerobic as well as aerobic. Women should be able to conquer a 16-20 hour labor and delivery while at times asking short bursts of energy from her body during contractions.
    • During pregnancy, birth, and even the fourth trimester, there are a variety of different intervals and work capacity requested of the mother. This is true whether she is ready or not. Being able to pull from your fuel tank is essential for the health of you and your baby.
    • Our goal is to make your fuel tank bigger, wider, and deeper. So, that in the event of a 36-hour labor or a 16-hour labor or even a 4-hour labor, you have fuel in the tank to pull from.
  • Balance
    • Maintaining an even distribution in stressors and weight throughout different positions of the body and situations in life. Balance not only refers to being able to stand on one foot, but also being able to maintain harmony in your life.



BirthFIT works side-by-side with coaches of professional athletes, consults professional athletes directly, privately train clients and offers classes in specific locations. BirthFIT also offers the best remote programing for pregnancy and the fourth trimester [Inquire ASAP as space fills up and there is a waiting list].


Below is a sample of one day from a professional athlete during her postpartum phase:

Athlete was a professional athlete prior to getting pregnant with baby #1. Mom had a vaginal birth with no medical interventions. Mom stayed home and chilled for almost 10 days before getting antsy. Mom then did walks with baby facing her in wrap. Mom did this training postpartum week four. These are days one and two. Day three is always a rest day. Day four and day five are training. The weekend is for rest or active recovery.

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At BirthFIT, our goal is to empower and educate women while at the same time physically preparing them for the birth of their baby (or babies). We want women to enjoy their pregnancies, learn and explore the process, and be ready to take on whatever type of birth that the universe has in store for them. No matter what type of birth a woman has, it has the potential to be magical, calm, and comfortable.






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  • Joy Morales

    This is the first article I read where my attention was completely grasped. I am pregnant for the first time, 35 years old and have been doing CrossFit for the past 2+ years. Everyone has been tentative about my working out and I want to keep fit for my baby. Any info I can get from y’all would be fantastic. Wonderful program by the way!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      THANK YOU! We just saw this (not sure why), but you can always email us if you have a question or two. We do offer BIRTHFIT Basic consultations for a reasonable price.

  • Jessica Farley

    I am a cross fitter and am very interested in your programming I have been doing crossfit the whole time and now I am 34 weeks

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Hi Jessica. We offer programming for $99 a month. It starts the beginning of each month. I can get you in for May if you’d like. Just email info@birthfit.com and let them know that you want to jump in May. You will eventually get a password and have access to the programming for all weeks. Let us know asap:)

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