An Epic Human Being: Bethany Hamilton

Monday is for videos. This Monday is dedicated to the beautiful spirit in our world we call Bethany Hamilton.
Born and raised in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton grew up surfing. Search Youtube and you can find some videos on her surfing some of the raddest waves in the world. Bethany entered her first surf competition at the age of eight and won. However, in 2003, Bethany’s life would change forever. While surfing with her family, she was attacked by a shark off the North Shore in Hawaii. She was taken to the hospital with numerous unknowns in her future. Bethany’s family was not sure if she was going to make it, and Bethany was left with the possibility of never surfing again.

Fast forward one month and Bethany, minus her left arm, was back on a longboard. In her first set out, it took Bethany three tries before standing up on her board again. You could imagine what was going through her head. We have all had that self-doubt talk during workouts or presentations or competitions. But it’s in those moments in which your character is defined, strengthened, and you rise to conquer. After the shark attack and a few surgeries, Bethany was not going to give up something she loved without a fight.

Since the shark attack, Bethany has actively participated in her life. In her situation, many would have just watched life pass them by. Not Bethany. She has continued to surf. Bethany has since entered many competitions and won. She’s even participated in many ASP and World Tour Events.

Bethany has also chosen to share her story and be a leader. Check out her autobiography called Soul Surfer and follow her journey ( BethanyHamilton ). Later this year, Surfs Like a Girl will be released. Surfs Like a Girl is the untold story of Bethany Hamilton and her drive to become one of the leading female surfers of our generation.


Now that you know Bethany, here’s the real reason I’m writing this blog:

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This woman, this interview, and some of the cards she has been dealt in life reaffirm that we are not defined by certain events, competitions, differences, variances in our lives. We are defined by how we truly LIVE through certain moments. We are defined by the choices we make and in return our character is revealed.

Pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the immediate postpartum period are no different. These are moments in our lives. We can let them bring us down, with no attention for the silver lining in whatever the situation may be. Or, we can rise to the occasion, and rock our BIRTHFIT journey.


It is a choice. The choice is YOURS. Are you in or are you out?






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