Birthfit Personal Training

Emily Russak

CrossFit Level 1 | CrossFit Level 2 | CrossFit Strongman

CrossFit Powerlifting | CPR Certified | DONA Doula

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BIRTHFIT Personal Training


Coach Emily Russak leads the way in West Los Angeles for our Birthfit personal training program. Emily is a seasoned athlete with experience in Olympic lifting, rowing, running, yoga, and odd object lifting. Emily creates a personalized program for each woman that includes functional movements, strength training as well as metabolic conditioning, and mental training so the Birthfit mother is physically and mentally prepared to take on the demands of labor and delivery. Coach Emily’s one on one training sessions are each unique and tailored to the demands of the Birthfit mama plus educational and fun!


Every day is different during pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different even for the same mother. It is important that you have experienced coach such as Emily that understands the ups and downs associated with pregnancy as well as the importance of correct movement.


Coach Emily has availability all throughout the week and occasionally on the weekends. She trains Birthfit mamas at DEUCE Gym or at their homes. Her goal is to empower and get you physically and mentally ready for your birth!


For more information or to schedule with Coach Emily, do not hesitate to email her:


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