Birthfit Has Got Style

I am Roxanna Ortiz.

I am a native Puerto Rican.

I am a Fashion Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.

My expertise lies in fashion research, styling and fashion production, and product development.

I am the founder of Style-Wanderlust, a web page that provides guidance for affordable shopping.

I am passionate about combining the radiant feelings of pregnancy with everyday style.

I believe that the right clothing and style can elevate anyone’s energy.

To me, fashion is limitless; even during pregnancy.

Roxanna Ortiz


We are starting our research into the world of fashion. And, we have got the perfect woman to lead the way. Roxanna has joined the BIRTHFIT team as our Fashion Consultant. She is researching all things pregnancy and postpartum related. If you have any random clothing questions throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period, please do not hesitate to reach out to us ( or Roxanna directly ( We are talking what jeans or leggings to buy, sports bras, nursing tops, rebozos, and the list goes on. We believe that when you look good, you feel great, so you perform optimally! 


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