Mama Strut by PELV-ICE

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We absolutely love what the women at PELV-ICE have come up with for postpartum recovery, the Mama Strut. This fancy little compression product is great for icing and heating those awkward regions immediately after birth. We have had few of our BIRTHFIT new mamas try it out and they love it!

One of our BIRTHFIT mothers who had an all natural, unmedicated vaginal birth said she used this product off and on at home during the first postpartum week. She was so pleased with her recovery that she asked when can start training again. That particular BIRTHFIT mama will be taking The BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series at 5 weeks postpartum.

In my history of dealing and treating women immediately after a cesarean birth, I like ice, compression, and some taping. This particular combination along with my treatment has helped women heal and recover from a major abdominal surgery way quicker than I ever thought. This particular product basically offers an all in one. It’s been very easy for me to have the client order this product and then put it on for an hour or so after treatment.


The Mama Strut by Pelv-Ice 

Taken directly from the Pelv-Ice website, the Mama Strut is a wearable soft brace that is uniquely engineered to deliver heat/ice therapy to reduce pain, swelling and cramping from vaginal deliveries, c-sections and vaginal prolapse, while also supporting the back and abdomen with medical-grade compression. The all-in-one shorts and abdominal/lower back support design is adjustable, fits comfortably and discreetly under clothing, and is made with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric for supreme comfort. The Mama Strut offers women increased relief and mobility, as well as the ability to take care of baby without the need for heavy pain medications. 


Mama Strut full body
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