Doing What You Love

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Kristi Olivares surfed throughout her pregnancy- all 40 weeks of it. This is an older video that we have shared in the past (before the BIRTHFIT community was as big as it is today). However, it is so important that images such as these become COMMON and the NORM.

One of the many hats I wear is a DEUCE Gym Coach. This is a beautiful thing because we have about half a dozen pregnant women currently participating in classes right now. These women are confident, comfortable, and trust their bodies. These women have the freedom to be themselves because they are surrounded by a supportive community. The other day I was reminded that the little bubble I live in is not the norm. A man walked by the gym, stopped, and walked in to talk.

He asked, “Is that lady pregnant?” with a huge uncertain look on his face.

One of our male coaches replied, “Yes, isn’t it awesome?!” 

We continued to talk to the man about the benefits of exercising while pregnant and even encouraged him to pass the information on to his daughter-in-law who is pregnant at the time. One person at a time.

The more people SEE the more they will equate exercising while pregnant as a normal, common occurrence. Women do not have to loose sight of who they are and what they do for fun while pregnant. What one woman does for exercise and enjoyment such as surfing is different than another women’s love for weightlifting or running.

It’s a beautiful thing to see a radiant pregnant woman doing what she loves. Give love and support!





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