The Vaccine Debate & Why It’s Unfair

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***I am a chiropractor. I cannot and do not want to make YOUR clinical decisions with regards to vaccines. These decisions are YOUR DECISIONS. ***


All too often new parents come to me asking me what they should do about their future child’s shots or vaccinations. New parents will often ask me what vaccines should their child get, if any, and/or where can they find more information. New parents do not want to mess up by going down one path versus the other. Decisions regarding vaccinations are heavy decisions with a lot of responsibility on the parents’ shoulders.


You can always decide to vaccinate, but you can never decide to un-vaccinate.


The decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate your child should be yours and yours only.


I completely support a parent that has done research and chooses to not vaccinate their child. I also completely support parents that have done research and choose to delay vaccinations or only do certain ones. However, it is extremely hard for me to support parents that have done no research and depend on a third party to make decisions in regards to their child’s wellbeing.


When a client asks me what are my thoughts, I usually spin the question around to ask them their thoughts. Only after they have repeatedly asked me do I give them my opinion. The vaccine topic is a controversial one that is difficult to write and talk about without emotions being ignited. I know people on both sides of the argument. I know people that routinely get their flu shots because they are nurses or other healthcare workers and are required to get them. I also know victims and families that have been greatly affected by a vaccine-induced injury. And in the middle area, I know people that have delayed vaccinations for the first two years of their child’s life, and then, picked a schedule of vaccinations that worked for them as a family unit.


I usually avoid writing about this topic, but within the past few weeks I’ve seen two very upsetting things that let me know this still needs attention. I recently had a grown male patient come into my office two days after receiving his “annual” flu vaccine. He informed me that his shoulder was so sore that he could hardly move his arm. Two weeks later this man can still not move his arm and it has only gotten worse! Did I mention that he writes for a living? The other thing I saw was the video below. And yes, we see videos all the time on social media, but this one hit me hard. The video even hit Nancy Grace hard. The fact that we can sue anybody for anything in this country, except the vaccine manufacturing companies is a load of shit (excuse me). It does not matter what side you are on of this argument. That just shows what an unfair fight this really is!

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The vaccine debate will continue to be a discussion because it is a huge pharmaceutical moneymaker. Big pharmaceutical companies have connections with the government. There are a lot of strings attached when there should be no strings attached. To vaccinate or not vaccinate your child should be your choice with no monetary or leadership gains for anyone else.


If vaccinations really worked…

  • Why are our children the sickest when compared to other developed countries?
  • Why do we have the most people on medications?
  • Why do we have the highest rate of SIDS?
  • Why is their a need for “boosters?”


In the words of Dr. Tim O’Shea, “Vaccination does not equal Immunization“.



-Lindsey Mathews




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  • LOVED this! I am a chiropractor as well without any children and this is always a HUGE topic in our office. Whether it be the flu shot, vaccines for children, or my new favorite-the shingles vaccine! Very well put! Thank you! Keep doing what you do-always great to see another female chiropractor out there doing such big things!

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