BirthFIT Orange County Resource: Sun Kissed Athletes

Sun Kissed Athletes

Meet the lovely ladies that make up Sun Kissed Athletes. These are two moms with a passion for motherhood and fitness. Both of the women in this super fun duo live in Orange County. If you are in the area and in need of a workout buddy, have a few fitness questions, or just need some support in motherhood, please do not hesitate to reach out to these women. They ROCK!


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I have mom friends. I have athletic friends. And then I have Natalie. We bonded at a Barry’s Boot camp class several years ago. We were both working at Lululemon. I had just come back from work after having my first child, and Natalie was newly married. We immediately bonded over our swimming background and how much we loved to workout. But I knew I had found a special friend when I told her I wanted to one-day race in the Kona Ironman. Her immediate response was “ME TOO!” Friends that are keen to join in on any athletic pursuit are hard to come by, so when I find them, you better believe I hold on tightly.

Motherhood is the most rewarding adventure I have ever embarked upon, but to be successful you need a strong community around you. Natalie and I started Sun Kissed Athletes because we wanted to share our love for fitness, and create our own online community. We knew that if we were two moms that shared a common desire to be better athletes, then there were hopefully other people out there with whom we could connect and share our passions with and inspire.

Today, we wanted to share our community with you. We are lucky to be surrounded by people that want to see us flourish, and we want to spread the love and help you connect, inspire, and cultivate your own community.


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We are fortunate to have two husbands that love to workout. They push us to be better, and give us a loving kick in the pants when we are unmotivated.

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Natalie and I meet up once a week. We work out, our kids play and we get to talk about whatever is going on in our lives. It is social, healthy and our kids get tuckered out and have great naps after. It’s basically a win-win situation.

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We both have a diverse group of friends to rely on for workout inspiration. From Crossfit to paddleboarding…if we have a kid-free moment, you better believe we are taking advantage of it!



Although we have only been blogging for a little while, we have already made friends online. We are constantly finding new workout inspiration and recipes from our online community.

You never know, sometimes a simple class at Barry’s with a co-worker can turn into a life-long friendship. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or take a chance, and when you find that person who challenges and inspires you, hold on tightly!!!







3 Rounds

1 Minute Ring Rows

1 Minute Walking Lunges

1 Minute Dumb Bell Snatches

-Rest 3 min-



3 Rounds

1 Minute Ring Rows or Assisted Pull-ups

1 Minute Walking Lunges

1 Minute Dumb Bell Snatches

-Rest 3 min-



3 Rounds

1 Minute Pull-Ups

1 Minute Walking Lunges

1 Minute Dumb Bell Snatches

-Rest 3 min-



  • Pick a weight for the dumb bell snatches that you can easily lift overhead and do 5-6 reps in a row with no problems.
  • You can choose your variation of pull-ups: strict, kipping, with bands, etc.
  • Back knee kisses the ground in walking lunges.

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