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Sleep may be the most underrated variable that can contribute to one’s health. One of the questions I often ask on my initial visits with clients is how many hours of sleep they get on average a night. I then dive a little deeper to find out if the person falls asleep with the television on or next to their iphone. I also ask about how dark the room is when they sleep.


You wouldn’t believe how many people they function just fine on 3-5 hours of sleep a night. Or, that they have to fall asleep watching TV.

That’s just silly to me.


Your body needs sleep. Your body needs long nourishing sleep to recover, repair, and maintain physiological functions. Sleep influences not only the way you feel the next day, but also the manner in which calories and nutrients are distributed and stored within our body. Sleep will influence mental and emotional stress as well as everything else.


This blog is simple. Get sleep.


Sleep all you can in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Most of the time women’s bodies will naturally crave sleep. This is natural. It is nature’s way of preparing us for the months to come.


When the baby arrives, figure out what works for you and your family. It may be co-sleeping or various naps in the day. Whatever works for you is just fine.


Sleep is important. Put it right up there with nutrition, movement, mental preparation, and the chiropractor.



Few Tips:

  • The room must be completely black. No artificial light anywhere.
  • No cell phones or computers after 9pm (I would say TV but we don’t own a TV).
  • Eight hours a sleep a night is mandatory. In the fall and winter it should be a bit longer because the days are actually shorter.
  • Sleep in little to no clothes. You should want to cuddle.
  • Develop a sleep routine. Train your body.





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