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I work with a lot of women. On any given day I may work with a minimum of ten women and as many twenty women. Yes, there are a lot of laughs, tears, and chit chat about fashion. I love spending time with each one of them, moving with them, and supporting them. Through my interactions with all of these women, I’ve come across one unifying theme…

The BirthFIT prenatal and postpartum women are trying their best!

The women in the BirthFIT community are putting in the work and showing up 100% for life.

Many of the prenatal mamas are enrolled in birth education classes, showing up for their chiropractic and massage appointments, and exercising to the best of their abilities either with coaches or in group classes. They have a plan, they are disciplined, and they are doing it all for their bundle of joy that will soon be arriving.

Many of the postpartum mamas are sacrificing their sleep or lunch hour to pump or feed their little one. They are doing their best to make sure the laundry is done, groceries are bought, and get a mini workout in so they look and feel pretty enough for their partner. There is no rest in sight so they just keep moving.

Wherever you are life, 29 weeks pregnant or 9 weeks postpartum, I want you to realize that you are doing a DAMN FINE JOB!

You hard work, sleepless nights, and natural beauty does not go unnoticed. We may not tell you often enough, but we are truly grateful for all that you have done and will do. You are a mother, and you are amazing!

 Remember, that in any particular moment YOU ARE ENOUGH!

 Say it out loud: I AM ENOUGH!



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ALL- Strength

10 x 2 Box Squats



5 Rounds

20 Alternating Walking Lunges

10 DB Push Press



5 Rounds

30 Alternating Walking Lunges

10 DB Push Press




30 Alternating Walking Lunges

15 DB Push Press



  • Pick a weight for the DB Push Press that you can do 8-9 in a row with no problem.
  • Rest as needed throughout the rounds.

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