Bringing Sexy Back

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Bringing SEXY Back!

Sex brought that baby into this… now, let sexiness help that baby out!

Seriously, though.  One of the most important yet oft-ignored ingredients to a rockin’ labor and delivery is a sexy, intimate mood. I’m not saying you have to have sex while in labor (although some women do), but getting that oxytocin flowing by caressing, hugging, and/or kissing will amplify uterine contractions, increase blood flow to the birth canal, and ultimately keep your labor progressing—win, win, win!

If you plan to deliver in a hospital, the cold sterility does not facilitate a sexy atmosphere… but it’s not impossible to achieve.  With a little bit of reflecting and planning, you can have the sexiest hospital birth EVER.

Think back to the times where you felt the sexiest.  Where were you? Was John Legend playing in the background? Were you wearing your partner’s old t-shirt that carries their aroma?  Were you wearing nothing at all?  Were you singing and dancing or silent and still?  What can you pull from these memories and take with you to your birth location?

Next, ask your partner and/or doula to help create this unique, sexy atmosphere.  At ~6cm dilation, “pregnancy brain” takes on a whole new meaning!  From my latest experience, I thought the birth room had morphed overnight.  I couldn’t remember a window being present, let alone ensuring John Legend’s “All of Me” playing on repeat in the background.  Thankfully, my husband was 100% on top of it and totally overhauled our birth room into a bedroom away from home.

Part of creating and maintaining this sexy atmosphere is limiting interruptions from family or staff members who kill the mood because of their personal discomfort (not something truly safety-related).  Make sure you voice your intent and give everyone the opportunity to support your request.  You may be surprised that the staff will totally collaborate with you and enhance your experience.  If you experience too much interference, ask your partner or doula to advocate for you.

Last but not least, bring your confidence.  There is NOTHING sexier than a confident woman.  During the birth process, you are the ultimate expression of a woman—you are a vessel for LIFE.  Own it and allow the sexiness assist your birth!


Melissa Hemphill



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100’ Farmers Carry (25lbs- 55lbs each side)

20 Alternating Side Lunges

6 Renegade Rows (10lb-20lb DB)




100’ Farmers Carry (35lbs- 95lbs each side)

20 Alternating Side Lunges

6 Pull-ups or Renegade Rows




100’ Farmers Carry (75lbs-150lbs each side)

5 Med-Heavy Full Cleans

6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups or 2 Strict Muscle Ups



  • Farmers carry path should be 50’ out and back.
  • If you are experienced with the clean movement, then you can do that as the second movement. Just as it’s written in the ALL-STAR programming for today.
  • Muscle ups, if you do them, should be CONTROLLED! Do not do this movement if it is not a comfortable movement for you.
  • Side lunges- keep whole foot on the ground and aim to keep a vertical shin when sitting your butt back.

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