Labor and Delivery Involves Aerobic as well as Anaerobic Energy Systems

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As many of you know, BirthFIT offers remote programming as well as one-on-one training in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX for pregnant women. Our training is deliberate with the focus on being physically and mentally fit to take on labor and delivery.


Labor and delivery is the greatest athletic event that a woman will ever go through in her life. As women, we should train, prepare, and educate ourselves in this process. As a result of our training, we may better adapt and respond to situations that arise during pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester, while also being able to be the optimal versions of ourselves as parents.


Our sport is pregnancy, and labor and delivery is our World Series. Relate it to whatever sport or event you would like but get it in your head that it takes proper training, discipline, and positive attitude to have a fulfilling experience.


Part of the physical training that women do with us at BirthFIT involves improving the athlete’s overall conditioning. In our opinion, conditioning is one’s ability for their body’s systems to create energy to imposed demands. Basically, how fast can you produce energy and for how long?


Conditioning involves training your aerobic system as well both anaerobic systems. This works nicely for BirthFIT since labor and delivery involve all energy systems. Labor and delivery will vary from woman to woman. However, we know that it will involve some high power output for short periods of time as well the demand for sustained energy for longer time periods.


During the first four to eight weeks training with BirthFIT, we focus on improving the athlete’s aerobic capacity. The aerobic system relies on oxygen for fuel. Muscles and vital organs rely on the aerobic system for energy.


When an athlete improves their overall aerobic capacity, they not only utilize oxygen more efficiently but also provide high power output to imposed demands for longer periods of time. Think about it this way… Their base of fitness was once the size of a football field and every 10 yards a high power output was required. However, after 100 yards, the athlete bonked. Well after specific training, their base is of fitness is now the size of five football fields, with 10 yards of high power output but able to last 500 yards.


Our goal is to improve the overall conditioning of the BirthFIT mama so that she will have enough power for an intense four hour labor and delivery as well as a 30 hour labor and delivery with high intensity peaks throughout the labor and delivery. The bigger, broader the BirthFIT mama’s base the more equipped and better adapted she will be.

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Run, Row, Walk for 45 min.


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