Cedars-Sinai Third Annual Gathering of Los Angeles Birth Community [RECAP]

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Last night we attend The Cedars-Sinai Third Annual Gathering of Los Angeles Birth Community. I’m completely in awe and wanted to share with you all.


This was the third gathering of MD’s, CNM’s, Home Birth Midwives, Doulas, RN’s, Birth Educators, and many more birth professionals. Monica Lundry, nurse, and Ana Paula Markel, doula, started the event three years ago with a vision to promote the needs of the patient/client during the birth process. To bring people and differing opinions together in one room for a night of networking, discussion, and positive energy is truly a treat that has and will continue to have beautiful outcomes in the Los Angeles birth community.


The evening featured a panel that included Dr. Jay Gordon, Kittie Frantz, NP, Dr. Kim Gregory, Dr. Anthony Chin, and Dr. Sarah Greene. Google these people because their experience speaks volumes. The panel was asked various questions that were submitted by patients. The panel, along with the audience of birth professionals, definitely did not always agree on the same answers. However, it was refreshing to be in a room of differing opinions and continue to support each other. The hot topics included the administering of Vitamin K to newborns, pitocin’s association with autism, and treatments for testing positive during pregnancy with Group B Strep (GBS).


Even though the event was focused on what happens at Cedars-Sinai, this kind of event can only gain momentum and influence those throughout the country. In the last few years, Cedars has worked to lower their cesarean rate from almost 40% to right under 30%. In labor and delivery, Cedars is also promoting choice for the woman and her family through a handful of initiatives that are taking off.


Here’s my thought for you… If you are a birth professional in a community somewhere else in the United States, why not start a once a year gathering? It starts with a vision and a little bit of time;)

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45 minutes

Run, Row, Hike, Walk

Keep the heart rate moderately elevated for 45 minutes.

Think about it as 70% of what is in your tank. Save some fuel for later;)

*Rest as needed and pick a movement that is comfortable for you.




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