[VIDEO] The Strict Press

Video: BirthFIT presents The Strict Press 

The strict press is one of ten favorite movements. It is arguably the most functional shoulder pressing movement. This movement is not only great for building strength but also rehab and demanding proper shoulder biomechanics. Ideally, an athlete’s shoulders stay locked in via an engaged core with their scapulas articulating against their rib cage. The elbows lock out overhead with the biceps right next to the ears and no arch in the lower back. Every portion of the spine is nicely stacked upon one another.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YHyONZTUzw&feature=youtu.be”]





5 Rounds:

In 60seconds, perform:

6 Strict Press

Max Jump Squats

-REST 1min between rounds-



  • Rookie: Use 10-15# Dumb bells or Kettle Bells.
  • Prospect: Use 15-26# Dumb bells or Kettle Bells.
  • All-Star: Use 35# Dumb bells or Kettle Bells.
  • All: Squat below parallel and explode up through hips. Does not matter how far you leave the earth as long as hips are fully open.



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