Meet Regional Director: Abby Kramer

Meet BirthFIT Regional Director: Abby Kramer of Chicago! 

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A Little About Abby…

I am Abby Kramer.

I am a wife, mama to two cockapoos, lover of fitness, movement, and the bodies beautiful ability to heal itself.  I am a Chiropractor-to-be in the next year and have a passion for the art of Chiropractic.

I currently work as a personal trainer and kinesiology tape specialist and welcome the opportunity to work with and light the way for strong mamas along their journey.  I believe pregnancy should and can be an empowering, happy, comfortable, and natural process that all women can handle like the rockstars we are!

I believe true health consists of balancing ourselves emotionally, structurally, chemically, and energetically.  Through these tenants we can be our best selves!  I also believe that nothing can cure a bad day like a long run, bubble bath, good laugh, or piece of dark chocolate!

I am a beacon of light.


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BirthFIT Training

Complete 4 Rounds of the following:

200m Walk/Run Overhead Plate Carry

5 Hang Power Clean and Jerks



  • Rookie: Walk the 200m; Carry a light plate (10 lbs overhead at the most); use barbell plus plates up to 45 lbs.
  • Prospect: Make an effort to run the first two rounds; Use a barbell up to 95 lbs or dumb bells up to 35 lbs or KBs up to 35 lbs.
  • Elite: Run each round with a 10lb plate or a 25 lb plate; Use a barbell up to 105 lbs or dumb bells up to 50 lbs or KBs up to 53 lbs.
  • All: Make an effort to rest between rounds rather than in the middle of the rounds.


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  • Abby! Love that my pic with you made your bio. It was great meeting you at Regionals, your tape job definitely helped me through the weekend! Just had my baby girl- 2 weeks ago and looking forward to getting back to doing some workouts.

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