Meet BIRTHFIT Regional Director of Dallas: Dr. Jamie Wuistinger, DC

Dr. Jamie Wuistinger is a chiropractor in the DFW area. Jamie and her husband, Courtney, are actively involved in their local CrossFit Community- CrossFit Bolt in Coppell, TX. Jamie continued to workout and see patients throughout her pregnancy. She is a great resource in the DFW area of Texas. If you need resources in the DFW area, do not hesitate to email us ( and we will connect you to Dr. Jamie.


Dr. Jamie’s Website- Pro Motion Sports Chiropractic!

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A little about Jamie…

I am Jamie Wuistinger. I am a doctor of chiropractic that specializes in the biomechanics of the body and balancing the musculoskeletal system while also restoring mechanical integrity of the nervous system. (Yes, this is stolen from Lindsey. Why? It’s just that good.) I specialize in keeping you moving and moving well, no matter your sport in life. Movement is life. I feel that the secret to a great life is great movement. I believe that we are capable of doing whatever it is that we set our minds to. We are all rock stars – and growing a human, giving that tiny human life, and birthing that human is the greatest feat there is. l I am wife to a pretty amazing guy, Courtney. l am mama to Skylar Grace, the best widget girl there is. I am the quintessential glass half-full girl who aims to radiate sunshine even when the going is rough.





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