Is MCT Oil Rocket Fuel for the Brain?

In the very near future you will be able to purchase ORIGINAL Nutritionals fish oil and Caveman Coffee’s MCT oil on our BirthFIT website. For now, you can visit each of the websites and purchase your supplementation there.
We’ve talked about omega supplementation in the past. Today, I want to tell you about MCT oil. Or  as some would like to say “Rocket Fuel for the brain”.

I like to think of MCT oil as a super dense coconut oil. MCT is a concentrated form of medium chain triglycerides (saturated fats). MCTs are metabolized in our bodies by going straight to the liver to be used as immediate, sustainable energy source (ketone bodies).

MCT oil has been showen to improve blood sugar regulation, metabolism, and even benefiting Alzheimer patients. MCT oil consumption is also effective at enhancing the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Clients of mine have deemed it a great athletic supplement.

But, did you know?!

MCTs are contained in breast milk!

Breast milk contains one of the highest concentrations of lauric acid. Lauric acid within the body is converted into monolaurin, which is an antiviral, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and antifungal. If there is not enough or low amounts of lauric acid within the body, then the body has trouble producing monolaurin and as a result there are no benefits.

Dr. Mary Enig has suggested that adults and growing children take between 10-20 grams of lauric acid per kilogram of body weight per day (3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day). The processing of some foods today and the oils they are cooked in are severely lacking the lauric acid content. So, load up on the high quality coconut oil and purchase your bottle of MCT Oil.


BirthFIT will soon have Caveman Coffee MCT Oil in stock! 



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For more research….

Natural News Authority Nutrition



4 Rounds 

250m Row or 200m Jog

25′ Forward Bear Crawl

25′ Backward Bear Crawl

30 Alternating One-handed KB Swings



  • Pick a kettle bell that you can do 10-15 swings in a row.
  • In the bear crawl, aim for keeping your arms and legs straight.
  • Row, jog, jump rope, bike. Any of those options are fine.



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