BirthFIT Postpartum: Bodyweight Exercises

By now it’s been at least two to four weeks since you’ve started the BirthFIT Postpartum Series. Hopefully, you’ve listened to your body, progressed as needed, and are ready to incorporate some bodyweight, functional movements into some various workout formats.
During the bodyweight phase, we want to master as many bodyweight movements as possible. Think the squat, the push up, the lunge, the pull-up, running and jumping, and even inversions, if you are comfortable with this movement. Start off with low volume at low intensity. As you progress and your engine starts to last a little longer, then play with the volume and intensity a little. Remember, now is not the time to sacrifice form for reps. Focus on the end goal: better movement than yesterday.

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BirthFIT General Warm Up



Complete the following for time:

1000m Run

Then, 6 Rounds:

5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Air squats


  • Elevated push ups or Knee push ups.
  • Pull ups with a band.
  • Squat to a ball.
  • Rest 90s between rounds if needed.





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