Meet Katy Bowman

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Katy Bowman is one of the greatest resources out there when it comes to biomechanics. I first read her work last year when she was interviewed on a blog about the importance of squatting vs. Kegels in pelvic floor function. She is a WEALTH of knowledge in the areas of proper movement patterns, posture, alignment, and all that good stuff we don’t think much about. Be sure to check out her blog, You Tube Channel, AND her new book, Alignment Matters. She’s a great resource to add to your toolbox and we love her.

One of the things we love about Katy’s philosophy is the idea that “exercise is not movement.” Just working out for an hour every day can’t be the only movement you do. How you sit, how you stand, how you get up off the floor, how you sleep, all of this is MOVEMENT and it all matters in your overall health.



As part of your warm-up, spend 5-10 minutes working on your Turkish Get Ups. Aim for something like 3R/3L, 2R/2L, 1R/1L


40 Walking lunges

Run/Row 200m

30 KB Swings

Run/Row 200m

20 Pushups

Run/Row 200m

10 Strict Pullups

Run/Row 200m


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