[VIDEO] BirthFIT presents Brian the Birth Guy

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Brian the Birth Guy is our friend based out of San Antonio, TX. He is a rockstar and will be doing two (immediate) classes and maybe more in the future for BirthFIT!

Want to know what makes the classes unique? You can do them any time or any place! These classes will be done via SKYPE or GOOGLE video. Brian will educate you and your partner for 60-120 minutes, depending on topics covered. Below are the classes now being offered. Take a look!



  • Rocking Dads is a course that takes fathers to be or brushing up fathers through the journey of understanding pregnancy, stages of labor, birth plan, breastfeeding, and much more via Skype.
  • Brian has been working one on one or in large groups of men for the past five years in San Antonio. Through his experience, Brian has found that men are very willing and ready to learn how to become amazing birth partners. The factor that keeps them from digging in, is usually not having the proper forum of a safe and comfortable environment.


Breastfeeding 101

Why breastfeed? 
How can you increase your success in breastfeeding? 

Hands down, by educating yourself and your partner before you even have your baby. Many people do not realize how crucial the role of your partner is in breastfeeding. The breastfeeding course we are offering will cover the following topics: 

• Benefits for mom, dad, and baby.
• Birth and the stages a baby goes through before it will latch.
• Skin to skin, what is it and what benefits does it bring.
• How does breastfeeding work and what is going on with my breasts.
• How does a baby know what to do.
• What the heck is colostrum and when will my milk “come in”.
• Proper latching and why it is important.
• Partners role and why it makes things easier.
• Important things to look for in a proper latch.
• How to chill out before you latch and enjoy your new family
• Non-verbal feeding cues
• Going back to work.
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Complete the following for time:
10 Power Clean and Jerks
750m Row
10 Power Clean and Jerks
500m Row
10 Power Clean and Jerks
  • Pick a weight you can do 5-7 power cleans in a row. 
  • If bar path is altered because belly is too big, then use DBL KBs or DBs. 
  • Rest as needed. 

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