Fish Oil & Your Postpartum Needs

In the past, I’ve written about how omega 3 supplementation can enhance male fertility, improve cognitive development, and decrease overall inflammation in the human body.
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Today, I write about omega 3 supplementation during the postpartum phase. Fish oil will not give you body-before-baby overnight nor will it make your six-pack reappear after months of hibernation. However, an optimal fish oil supplementation may enhance recovery, decrease systemic inflammation, and aid in cognitive development of your new baby via breast milk.


Lift Big Eat Big has a great blog (CLICK HERE) that describes exactly what omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) and omega-6 are and why they are so important. Long story short, these polyunsaturated fatty acids are converted into unique hormones within our bodies that actually combat inflammation. EPA and DHA are the specific fatty acids found in fish oil.


Fish oil supplementation has been linked to the prevention of postpartum depression. Recent studies have demonstrated that those women who consumed fish oil during pregnancy and postpartum phases exhibited few symptoms associated with PPD and reduce their chances of pre-eclampsia.


Within fish oil, DHA is essential to ensure optimal fetal eye, immune, and nervous system development throughout the third and final trimester. Once the baby has been delivered, the mother’s stores of DHA remain low because she has given all of her reserves over to her baby. Continuous omega 3 supplementation has been shown to enhance cognitive development of the newborn, as well.  The new baby can obtain omega 3 supplementation via the mother’s breast milk.


NOTE: If you know you are having a cesarean section, then consult with your doctor about your blood work at least 10-14 days prior. You may have to put your omega 3 supplementation on hold until 2-3 days after your cesarean section.


At BirthFIT, we pride ourselves in recommending only the best and cleanest products. We taste and beta-test all products on ourselves (and Kat’s kids, JK) before we post about them. If you take a look, there is only one WHEY PROTEIN we recommend. That said, we HIGHLY recommend ORIGINAL Nutritionals fish oil. We are even working with them to develop the PROTECT: O3 based on prenatal and postpartum needs of women.




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“Shoulder Nation” 



20 PVC Pass Throughs


20 PVC Windmills (10 ea. direction)


4 Rounds:

1 min. Every 15s perform 1 shoulder to overhead.

1 min. Rest.

*Barbell starts in the rack  each round but can only rest in athlete’s shoulder support position between 15s reps.

*Try to increase the weight a little each round.



6 Dumb bell or KB Snatches

50′ Bear Crawl (25′ down and back)


Notes & Modifications

  • Pick a weight for the snatches that you can do 6 in a row (Med-Heavy.
  • Bear crawl, sideways plank shuffle, or crab walk are all acceptable.
  • To start the S2OH, pick a weight that you could do 4x in a row.


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