BirthFIT U: Postpartum Series

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We are so excited to bring the BirthFIT U: Postpartum Series to new moms in Austin, Tx in June! Kat made this video to explain a bit more about this innovative new class series designed for the new (and new-ish) moms out there who are ready to get back into their fitness routine.

Here are the details:

Tues/Thurs. 10:30-11:30am

June 3- 26

$185 (plus a one month gym membership is included- a $50 value)

Location: 5 Fitness Training and Yoga in Austin

Bonus: You can bring your (non-mobile) baby!

Sign up HERE

For more info, email me at!


Part A: 3 Rounds:

250m Row

25 Double Unders/ 75 Single Unders

10 KB Swing

Rest 1:1

Rest 3 min. before moving on to the next AMRAP

Part B: 6 min AMRAP:

12 Overhead Plate Lunges

6 Burpees

3 Plate Push Press


  • For Part A, your rest time is the same amount of time it took you to complete 1 round, thus 1:1.
  • For Part B, use a plate that you can do all 12 lunges while holding the plate overhead, unbroken



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