[Video] Hayley Demos a Muscle Up

There is a lot of talk in the world about what is safe and what is not safe to do during your pregnancy. I will be the first to tell you that it DEPENDS. Everyone woman is different. What may have been safe, comfortable, and effective for one woman may be not so comfortable or effective for another woman.
Case Study:

With Hayley’s permission I share a video of her doing a muscle up. Hayley had been doing muscle us prior to pregnancy and BirthFIT programming. Hayley is a strong, intelligent mover. Hayley is demonstrating a muscle up in this video. She uses a little kip to get herself on top of the rings, and then, slower lowers down. The whole movement is nice and controlled. Solid effort.

[vc_video link=”http://youtu.be/rQFOfqLECoM”]

Hayley has been doing BirthFIT programming for over 15 weeks. We know her body, we know her strengths and weaknesses, and throughout the pregnancy she has grown to know her body better than any of us.


Muscle Up Practice

30 Ring Rows (Broken up as needed)

10 x 10s Static Holds on Rings

30 Ring Rows


10 Rounds: 

5 Box Jumps or 10 Step Ups

10 Alternating KB Snatches

Notes and Modifications

Choose a weight that you can do 2-4 in a row.

If nothing on a box feels awesome, then do 20 walking lunges.

If you still have a safe version of muscle ups, then do 5 Muscle Up Negatives in the middle instead of a static hold.



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