Questions to Ask Your Care Provider

Deciding who to use as your midwife or doctor can be really hard at times. You may want to go with a doctor and deliver at the hospital while everyone else in your family has delivered at home. Or, just the opposite. As we said in the video this past Monday, go visit a lot of places. The doctor that you have used for your yearly woman check-ups since you were sixteen may not share the same birth philosophy as you. And, that’s okay. Interview doctors and midwives. Decide who you want with you on your journey. Remember, who you choose to deliver your baby is a very important decision, so put some time and energy into the process.

Use this sheet to guide you when interviewing different care providers. Add your own questions to the sheet as well.


5 Rounds:

100 Singles

10 Dumb bell snatches

200m Walk with dumb bell

-REST 2 min-



  • Singles can be alternating lunges if jumping does not feel great. It can also be 50 double unders.
  • Dumb bell snatches should be done with a weight that you can move through ten reps on the first set with no problem.
  • I would suggest carrying the dumb bell behind your neck with both hands when you walk.
  • Rest is set at 2 minutes to allow you to fully recover. Add more time if you need.



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