[VIDEO] Oh Sh*t, I’m Pregnant- Week 3

This week is dedicated to discovering WHERE you want to give birth. Everyone and every family is different. Therefore, you may not have the same idea of birth as the woman next to you or even what your sister thinks of birth. I’ve had women plan home births, hospital births, and c-sections. Some women feel more comfortable at their home or a birth center, while others find comfort in a hospital environment.
It does not matter. It is up to you. Give it some thought. Watch the video below and do your homework;)

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biD3A6GQZrs”]



AMRAP 20: 

500m Row

20 Knees to Elbow

20 Wall Ball (10-14#)

20 Hang Power Cleans


Notes & Modifications 

  • Pick a weight for the power cleans that you can do 5-6 in a row. Make sure the bar path has not been altered by your growing bump. If so, then pick two KBs to use.
  • Pick a wall ball weight that you can do 10 in a row.
  • If knees to elbow are not an option for you, try arch-to-hollow swings or substitute pull-ups.
  • The row can be a 400m run if you do not have a rower. Double Unders, Single Unders, or Walking Lunges are also acceptable substitution for the row.
  • Rest and take a break when needed.

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