Resources for Newly Pregnant Mamas

Since we are talking this week about pregnancy and birth planning/visualizing, I put together a list of a few of our favorite books. Browsing the Pregnancy section at any bookstore can be mind-numbing, so instead of reading the typical “What to Expect” b.s. out there, we want you to Expect More. After all, you are anything but typical!

Ina May Gaskin is THE world’s most famous midwife, and this book is chock full of great information that is not only informative, but anecdotal as well- positive and affirming stories and scenarios that further solidify what we know about the mind/body connection. The only book I read my second pregnancy!


“Can I have a natural birth in the hospital?” A question we hear A LOT. This book is a key resource into having a wonderful, peaceful, empowering medication-free hospital birth. The author combines tenets  of Hypnobirthing, Lamaze, Bradley, and Birthing From Within to help couples make informative decisions in a hospital setting with the focus being more towards finding balance and creating open communication with care providers. A great read!


I’ve been looking for a good Paleo/Primal-oriented nutrition book for pregnancy for a few years now. I finally found one! From Kristen Michaelis, of Food Renegade, this book covers everything from fertility/pre-conception to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infant feeding. She even covers myths about certain foods to avoid (or consume) during pregnancy. Highly recommended.


The Business of Being Born- available on instant play on Netflix. Everyone should watch this. Period.

-Kat Grosshaupt



800m run OR 500m row

50 Double Unders/ 150 Single Unders

40 KB Swings

30 Burpees OR Sprawls

20 Box Jumps OR Box Step ups

10 Turkish Get Ups (5R/5L)

400m run OR 250m row


  • Break up each movement into sets as needed.
  • Remember to pay close attention to your breath. Conversational pace!
  • Use a medium weight for the swings and TGU that will allow you to do as few unbroken sets as possible.
  • This is a very cardio-intensive workout. Use good judgement and back off as needed.



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