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Make Sh*t Happen is a goal setting group I lead out of DEUCE Gym. This group is more than just a bunch of people writing down their hopes and dreams and never achieving them. This is a group that holds each accountable, supports the other’s dreams, and takes action to change the game.
This group meets quarterly. Every time before we meet, I get meditative. I tap into my deeper self. I try to bring more awareness as to what is going on around us. This time around I kept coming back to The Power of the Mind.

I had 3 different instances in which my decision to talk about the mind was further solidified. One of those instances was Logan asking me to film him the day before the Make Sh*t Happen meeting. I had no idea what the film was about or even what he could possibly be saying.

Here’s the video:

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSCS-7b0npI”]


Logan talks about three things that can enhance the power of the mind and optimize performance:

1. Routine

2. Focal Point

3. Self-Talk

In Hypnobirthing, we go over methods in which a word or phrase is used to further relax the mother and also bring her awareness back to a certain space. Relax and focus. When someone becomes comfortable with a word or phrase they may even believe more of that word or phrase into existence. Saying an affirmation about yourself in regards to birthing your baby every morning is a great way to create a routine and include positive self-talk. If for some reason life gets a little hairy, then you also have this word or phrase to re-focus everything.

The three suggestions above can be used for baseball, ballet, weightlifting, and even childbirth. Start to practice now for your labor and delivery.

One of the four pillars of BirthFIT is mindset. The mind opens the future. Train your mind and the rest will follow.







200′ (50′ shuttle) Overhead Plate Carry (25#)

12 Pull-ups

Notes & Modifications

  • Lock elbows out on OH Plate Carry.
  • Pull-ups can be any way and even chest-to bar.
  • Rest as needed.

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