[Video] Meet Kat Grosshaupt

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It’s always more fun when you have someone by your side.

That’s why I chose Kat Grosshaupt. She’s a rockstar of a mother, a doula, a hypnobirthing practitioner, a CrossFit Coach, and so much more. Kat and I grew up in the same small town, New Braunfels, Texas, but did not find each other until just over two years ago. Our paths crossed, our energies connected, and our visions aligned. Kat is a sweetheart who loves getting lost in the moment and will always present all sides with no judgement. Kat is on a quest to lift up women and share her gift to the world.

I could not ask for a better business partner.  Kat, thank you for accompanying me on this journey! 




15 Power Snatches

15 Box Jumps or Step Ups



  • Pick a weight for the snatches in which you could do the first set in two sets.
  • Power snatches should be done with a dumb bell or KB if bump is in the way.
  • The box that you step up to should be no more than 24 inches. 18-20 inches is a pretty common box height.

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