14.2 Modifications and Substitutions

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BirthFIT Modifications for CrossFit Open Workout 14.2 from Kat Grosshaupt on Vimeo.


14.2 is… SPICY!

We’ve put together a few options and modifications for this workout. What we want to stress with the Open workouts is that you don’t have to do them as Rx to be in the Game. The reason we started this is to help women have options so they can participate with their Community and have a good time- safely.

Feel free to mix and match options to fit your needs. Here are some examples:

  • Rx’d OHS and Ring Rows
  • OHS taken from a rack and kipping pull-ups
  • PVC OHS and Ring Rows
  • OHS with only the Barbell (no weight) and strict banded pull-ups

TAKE REST AS NEEDED! This workout actually has built-in rest. Make sure to take plenty of deep recovery breaths before moving on to the next 3 minute section.

Good luck!


For as long as possible, complete 2 rounds within the allotted 3 minutes before moving on to the next section.

0:00-3:00 (2 rounds of):

10 OHS @65#

10 Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups

3:00-6:00 (2 rounds of):

12 OHS

12 C2B Pull-ups

6:00-9:00 (2 rounds of):

14 OHS

14 C2B Pull-ups

Each 3 minute section you will continue to add 2 reps until you can’t complete the rounds in the allotted 3 minutes.


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