Just yesterday I finished ROCKTAPE’s ‘Performance Taping Seminar.’ It is a solid seminar with a lot of information. If you are a coach, a therapist of some sort, a healer, or do anything with the body, I recommend that you attend one of the ROCKTAPE seminars.
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ROCKTAPE hosts ‘Performance Movement Taping’ and ‘Fascial Movement Taping’ seminars at various locations around the globe. All of their instructors are knowledgeable with years of experience and they’re up on the current research.

This brings me to the point that I want to make: If you are a medical doctor, physical therapist, doctor of chiropractic, massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, or even a patient, and current research does not play a part in your practice as a practitioner or in your therapy as a patient, then you need to re-evaluate your current situation.  

I’m sick and tired of medical doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and even doctors of chiropractic making recommendations that were passed on to them twenty years ago. Not only is some of it out dated information, but I find that few care where it came from or question the origin. There are many misconceptions out there in the birth world and the nutrition world, for instance, that have no validity.

I’m a doctor of chiropractic. I’m five years out of school. And, I promised myself that the day I graduated I would forever be a student. That means, I would never be one of those docs that just takes seminars to fulfill my continuing education hours nor would I be one of those docs that gets stuck in the old ass way of doing things. If I don’t know something, I will learn.

On average, I attend one seminar a month. I will find a seminar or workshop that I’m genuinely interested in. This year I’ve already been to one ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) seminar, the ROCKTAPE Performance Movement Taping Seminar I attended yesterday, and by March 1st, 2014 I will be Hypnobirthing Certified.

These opportunities to enhance your education are all around you. Make a commitment to yourself to attend a seminar once a quarter and you would be surprised at not only the knowledge you gain but also the connections that you establish. You can learn something wherever you go, so start collecting your own research and building your knowledge bank.


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Movement for Quality: 

20 KB Halos

100 Singles

20 Alternating Pistols or a Modification

50 Double Unders or DU Attempts

20 Banded Good Mornings


6 Rounds: 

2 Power Snatches

2 Behind the Neck Jerks

2 Overhead Squats

***Try to make each round unbroken and rest only between rounds. ***



  • Pick a weight for the KB Halos that you are comfortable enough to go both ways.
  • Use a comfortable modification for the pistols.
  • Rest as needed.
  • Banded good mornings should be done with intention and slow.
  • Weight for snatch workout is totally what you feel comfortable with.



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