Get Moving

Are you one of these that just didn’t feeling like working out much during you pregnancy?
Or, are you the type that likes to know the top four moves to get you ready for labor?


Either way, let’s discuss movement.


Movement is life. I believe that without a doubt. If you are not moving forward you are either standing still or regressing, and neither is beneficial.

Move with purpose. I believe that every movement has to support a bigger picture. For instance, I squat because I want to always be able to get up on my own. I practice farmers carries because I want to carry my own groceries and other bags with ease. Get the idea?

The same rules apply for anyone prepping for labor and delivery of their own child- movement is life; therefore, move with purpose.

Include movement in your life when you are pregnant. Movement helps to support the dynamic functioning of the pelvis and all associated ligaments, muscles, and joints. Movement will also offer fresh blood circulation throughout the whole body- muscles, tissues, organs all getting nourished. Movement will also offer massage-like sensations to the baby resulting in comfort and familiarity for the baby.



Walk-30 plus minutes is ideal. This is the single most important thing I have people do after treatment.

Squat– 10 times in the morning and evening. Squats should be below parallel with the focus in finding comfort in the bottom of the squat.

Pelvic Tilts– Think belt buckle to ribs while maintaining an upright posture. Find fluidity in the ability to move the pelvis anterior and posterior (forward and backwards). Do these whenever you think about them.

Cat/Cow– Coordinate your movement with your breath. Inhale and open your heart. Exhale and round your spine.

Crescent Moon Pose– This yoga pose is great for opening the hip flexors and practicing balance. You can also incorporate some chest openers in this pose.

Happy Baby– Simple and very effective hip opener.

Childs Pose– Simple and effective like the pose above.



If you don’t exercise at all, get on this list. If you exercise five times a week, use this list as part of your warm up. Get comfortable with movement and find familiarity in certain movements. Some of these movements will be your go-to movements during labor and delivery. Certain movements will provide comfort and coping mechanisms for intense sensations during birth.

Practice. Practice. Practice. 






3 Rounds: 

8 Shoulder to Overhead

200m Run

-20 Dead Lifts-

3 Rounds

8 KB Snatches

50′ Crab Walk (25′ Down/Back)


  • Pick a weight for the dead lifts that you would be able to do sets of 3-5.
  • Shoulder to overhead can be done with barbell, KB, or dumb bells. Pick a weight that you can do all eight reps in a row. If you use a barbell, you will have to add weight for the DLs.
  • KB snatches can also be done with dumb bell. Pick a weight in which you can do all eight reps in a row. Be sure to use both arms.
  • Rest as needed.



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