The New Normal

The really great thing about Lindsey and I is that we complement each other so well. She’s been to medical school. I’ve had 2 babies. She can do HSPU for days. I can squat lower ;) I tell terrible jokes. She laughs. Ok, you get where I’m going. But what makes us a good team is that we think along the same lines when it comes to everything that encompasses BirthFit. And we are both extremely passionate about helping YOU. We genuinely want the best for all women out there, so thank you for trusting us.

I want to extend on her post last week about chilling out before heading back to the gym.

We’ve had 2 snow days here in Austin in the last week. Nuts. This has meant my kids have been home from school twice- all day. I texted Lindsey today and said, “How in the hell did I stay home with 2 kids all day every day?!” My kids are now 6 and 8, but I was home with them until they went to half-day preschool then to elementary. My point is that I HEAR YA. I’ve been there. I remember the days where I just wanted an hour to myself so I could go workout or just stare at the ceiling for an hour with nobody needing my attention.

So in no way are we ever saying you shouldn’t take a moment to yourself to get in a good sweat sesh. Your body needs that. It needs the endorphin release. It needs the movement. It needs the release of your day in the pounding of the pavement on your run. By all means we want you to take care of yourself– physically and emotionally.

But it’s also important to acknowledge that there are things going on inside of your body in the month after having a baby that you probably don’t even know about. You know, like everything getting back into place after being moved around for the past 9 months by your growing uterus. There’s hormones flying around like crazy, breastmilk getting regulated, and just the general act of adjusting to taking care of another human being that doesn’t even smile at you!

After I had Lily, I asked my husband when he thought we’d find our groove with this baby and things would get back to “normal.” He laughed, shook his head, and said,

“Katherine, this is your New Normal.”

That statement took my breath away.

That’s not what I had envisioned. That was not in my plan. I wanted my life to get back to normal after a few weeks. I thought the Baby would just kind of assimilate into our lives and we would go on like we always did- just as a family of 3 instead of 2. Easy, right?!

Oh, naiveté.

Then came the most difficult part of all, and one that I continue to work on daily:

How to do this whole Motherhood thing merged with running my own business, running the household- cooking, cleaning, running kids around, doing homework, trying to have a social life- oh and taking time for myself. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. And I’ve been at it for almost 9 years! Mommy guilt is a real deal, folks. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

When I started CrossFit in 2009 I was in a dark pit of Postpartum depression. Arlo was 2, Lily was 4. My Women’s Only community saved me. It was something I looked forward to every day. It was also at 5:30am. That was the only time I could get there. Looking back, I can’t believe I got up that early to work out! But you just do what you gotta do. Period. Those women were and still are my closest friends, and they got me through some major milestones and disappointments in my life. I still consider my CrossFit class as my outlet. My therapy. My People.


So by all means- get to the Gym if it is that important to you. Get back into your Community as soon as you can. It is so important to have that support. Just wait on the heavy working out part. Move, mobilize, row, talk to other adults who actually will smile at you. Take it easy. You’ll get there. I promise. It’s only 4-6 weeks.

And remember, this is your New Normal. It’s a new chapter requiring a new perspective. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

-Kat G.




Overhead Squats

Box Jumps

Run 200m/Row 250m between each set


  • OHS should be at a weight where you can perform 10 reps w moderate effort
  • If your belly is in the way of a perfect bar path, do your OHS off of a rack
  • OH walking KB/DB lunges can be subbed if you don’t have access to a barbell
  • Use good judgement when jumping on the box. Sub box step-ups or use a smaller box

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