This is My Path.

As a 31-year-old female that has never had kids nor been pregnant, I am often questioned on my motives and my knowledge in the pregnancy and birth world. Let me say that I love answering these questions and having a conversation with people.

I will start by saying that I am called to do this work. I believe in a higher power; God. I believe that I was put on this earth for a particular reason, and that reason is to heal, empower, and start a revolution through spreading the truth.

While at Texas A&M University, I took off a semester to travel to Tanzania, Africa to do medical triage, and basically, in my eyes, begin my quest to change the world. While in Tanzania we traveled to remote villages to get to people that otherwise would not receive medical attention. There was one case that basically initiated my perspective shift and put me on my path.

A mother brought her son to me. He was paralyzed on the left side of his body and experienced occasional seizures. The medical team I was with and learning a great deal from wanted to put the son on a medication that would basically numb and sedate him. Something grabbed my stomach. Maybe my homeboy, Jesus, was saying, “Wake up, young lady!” Whatever it was, it stopped me dead in my tracks, and for a brief moment I had a very out-of-body-experience.

I took the mom aside, and with my translator, I informed her that her son was not possessed, but suffering from the aftermath of an illness he had as a child. I told her that he is still the same person and still just as loveable. Later that night I went to the only local pay phone and informed my step-dad and mom that I would not be going to medical school.

I went to Africa without even thinking twice. I cancelled my medical schools without even thinking twice. I applied, interviewed, and jumped right into chiropractic school without even thinking twice. And, in the last 2 ½ years, I quit my stable income job to allow BirthFIT to be all that I dream it can be. Whether you believe in God or another higher power, if you are on your designed path, life just has a way of working itself out.

There are many situations in the last two years that have reassured me that I’m on the correct path. I’ve witnessed births, coached pregnant women both in classes and privately, gone through Doula training, watched surgeries with orthopedist and spine specialist, and I’m in the middle of my ICPA diplomat course. While I was pondering the name of my project, BirthFIT, I had a patient approach me to tell me that she wanted to be the best version of herself so that her and her husband could have a child in the next year. Boom!

BirthFIT was born!

If I don’t shake shit up then who will? Or, if I don’t tell these women the truth, then who will? I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the past seven years in California. I feel it is my duty, or my responsibility, to share this knowledge and empower women. I will continue to learn and share. I am here to make history!

Join Kat and I in the BirthFIT movement!



Experienced Athlete: Complete 100 Overhead Squats.

Intermediate athlete: 70 Overhead Squats.

Beginner athlete: 45 Overhead Squats.


  • The OHS is a great exercise. It reveals strength as much as it does flexibility. It also requires an enormous amount of concentration.
  • The athlete can take bar from ground or from the rack.
  • If no barbell, then one arm KB OHS or KB front squats.
  • Remember to take breaks and set realistic goals in the sets for yourself.
  • The weight should be light- think 10-15 reps to start with.

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