Strongman is for Every Woman

Today I had the pleasure of attending and participating in Rob Orlando’s CrossFit Strongman certification seminar. Prior to walking into the door for the seminar, I knew that Rob was an intelligent, unique coach. Today only solidified my opinion of him- solid coach that knows a shit ton!

This seminar was hands on from the first five minutes. We had a great warm-up and got right into flipping tires. The odd object lifts in Strongman workouts influence and mimic our daily life and standard exercise movements, except they are a little more fun and you can definitely carry larges loads faster. For instance, take the tire flip and compare it to the freeze frame single leg stance during an ideal running gait, and you got two almost identical bodies with an upright torso and heal to butt in the figure four position. Carry the yoke a few times and watch your back squat increase. Incorporate farmer’s handles into your training and not only does your dead lift go up, but your grip strength improves. Grip strength carries over in pull-ups, ring dips, touch-n-go movements, and in every day life, especially for someone like me that works on human bodies.

Rob preaches that this stuff is fun and instinctive. I would say that he is right on the money. Throwing around kegs, lifting logs, and walking with a yoke takes the serious grown-up right out of us. Today felt like I was in an adult playground- similar to Vegas only less sparkle and no buffets. The movements that we went over today with the odd objects are nothing new. Even Rob will tell you that. These movements are essential to us as human beings. We are hard wired to know how to lift objects in the most efficient method possible.


However, life happens to us. We become sedentary and only move in certain directions and in limited ranges of motions. Therefore, joints and degrees of motion that we do not utilize become stagnant, stiff, and almost lost. That’s right- if we don’t use it, we lose it! Rob can coach the most sedentary of humans back into moving like an athlete in no time by utilizing a stone, keg, or tire. By the end of the day, every single woman (at least 8 of us) had gotten intimate with a stone, flipped a tire that was twice our body weight, and carried at least 170 lbs 50 feet. To say we found the strength and movement patterns that had been instilled in us from the beginning is an understatement. We practiced these movement patterns and built upon them.

Strongman equipment and the movement patterns are invaluable. I even program them for my pregnant athletes. The farmer’s carry is one of the best exercises for a pregnant woman. Think about it- You get a free deadlift, ideal shoulder position, enhances grip strength, and engages the entire axial skeleton. The programming Rob does for himself and his gym is very similar to the way I program for my BirthFIT women. It’s all based on how you feel. Finding percentages is annoying and knowing how you will feel on Tuesday in two weeks is impossible. Just as Rob trains based on how he feels on a particular day, it is even more important to listen to your body when you are pregnant and making a comeback.

Check out the CrossFit Strongman Cert w/ Rob Orlando & Crew if you have not already. Well worth your time!







Double KB Thruster

*After each round, Farmers Carry 100′ (Down and Back).



  • The KB Thrusters are going to be heavier. Think about a weight in which you would break the set of 9 and perhaps even the round of 7.
  • The Farmers Carry should total body weight or more.
  • If you do not have an upright, then you are carrying too much. Be smart. You have 5 rounds of the carry.



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