Human Potential is Endless | Video

While I was a chiropractic intern, I had the opportunity to travel down to the Olympic Training Center in San Diego at least once a month for almost two years. While at the OTC I would provide treatment to the track and field athletes. There was marathoners, there was throwers (javelin, shot put, discuss), there were jumpers (long jump, triple jump, high jump), there were middle distance runners (800 meters), and there were even sprinters. Occasionally there was an athlete that competed in a number of events (Decathlete).
So if you do math, one Saturday a month for at least nine months a year times two years gives you eighteen Saturdays. If each of those Saturdays, I would have treated a minimum of ten athletes, then I would have treated a minimum of 180 bodies in those two years. That’s A LOT of DIFFERENT BODIES.

That’s a lot of different bodies in which I studied  extensively. Meaning that the biomechanics of the way they performed their particular sport was examined on a global and regional level. Isolated muscles, Chains of muscles with associated joints, and even long trains of muscles were studied in weight bearing and non-weightbearing situations. I got to know the human body real well, real fast.

A mentor once told me, “In order to learn the human body you have to touch it.”

And, that is what I did, continue to do, and will continue to do for a long time. There are no two bodies that are the same. There are similar presentations in bodies, but everyone is unique. The human body has endless capabilities. Figuring out how people’s bodies work is incredibly stimulating, challenging, and fulfilling all the same.

This weekend I will be at the OC Throwdown treating some amazing human beings that have tested the potential of their bodies continuously. These women have defied every limit I thought the human body could possibly have. Come cheer on Lindsey Valenzuela, Sam Briggs, and many more courageous athletes this weekend in Orange County.

If you find me, let’s take a photo. If you’re pregnant, let’s do a one-minute interview. If you see me running, give me a high five. These are some of the moments in life in which I work the hardest but have the best time.

Cheers to human potential!

-Dr. Lindsey Mathews, D.C.



Complete the Following:

15 Toes to Bar,
20 Wall Balls,
25 Power Snatches,
30 Lateral Hops over Parallettes,
400m Run,
30 Lateral Hops,
25 Power Snatches,
20 Wall Balls,
15 Toes to Bar


  • T2B can be Knees to 90.
  • Wall balls should be done with a weight that you can do 10 in a row.
  • Power Snatches should be a weight that you can do 10-12 in a row.
  • The run can be a row.

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