4th Trimester Bodies w/ Ashlee Wells Jackson

Ashlee Wells Jackson may just be the angel this world needs to bring light to women in the postpartum phase of childbirth. She has started a photodocumentary called The 4th Trimester Bodies Project. Ashlee and her partner have dedicated almost three years of their lives to complete this project.

Ashlee is the owner and photographer at Windy City Pin Up, a pinup and boudoir photography company. This company is special in that they celebrate women and all that is being a woman. While interacting with everyday women, Ashlee noticed that many women felt inadequate. No matter their size, shape, curves, or hair color, all women experienced some sort of feelings of not being complete or all that it is to be a beautiful woman. Ashlee noticed these feelings of shortcomings and failures exaggerated in new mothers.

Ashlee sympathized with these women, but could not really relate at the core. She gave birth to her son, Xavier, eight years ago and was content with the mother she had become. She had no real issue with her new mom body because she felt that her body went pretty much back to pre-pregnancy status. Ashlee will tell you that she grew up with a ‘hippie’ family and had been comfortable in her own skin majority of her life.  Nudity was not something that her family shied away from. That was until after she gave birth to twin girls. The girls developed Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. The girls were born 15 weeks early in an emergency c-section. Aurora passed away in the womb, and Nova survived. To say Ashlee experienced trauma would be a great understatement.

Ashlee needed healing. She could now related to mothers she had met and mothers that she has yet to meet. Out of a need for healing, Ashlee started the 4th Trimester Bodies project. However, this project is much more than just therapy for Ashlee. This project seeks to normalize bodies after childbirth.

4th Trimester Bodies celebrates the beauty of all women. 4th Trimester Bodies is a photography documentary of a series of published books. Ashlee started by photographing her whole body back in June of 2013. She then put out an open call hoping to get 100 women in the Chicago area.

Things exploded. Ashlee has now photographed women in six different U.S. cities, twenty-five cities to go in the U.S., and twelve international locations planned. As I said earlier, Ashlee and her partner have dedicated almost three years of the lives to this project. They are not receiving a paycheck and paying out of pocket for this project to happen.

Call to action BirthFIT Community: Let’s support this woman’s passion to bring light to the postpartum phase of childbirth.

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30 Clean & Jerks


  • Pick a weight that you can do 8 reps in a row.
  • If bar path is altered, consider using dumb bells or kettle bells.
  • Remember, take a break as needed. For example, perform 4 c&j and then break.

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